A fleeting thought that flew further than foreseen

This following piece of scribble stems from a particularly memorable line written by Byron, which encapsulates a major theme in British Romantic Literature—the belief in the power of poets and poetry to influence the world; or as Shelley would have it, Poets function as the “unacknowledged legislators” of the world. The extent to which that belief proves true is debatable, but rooted in much of their work lies a profound sense of individuality, resonating throughout their portrayal of characters and nature (though that sense of individuality may often be colored in a morbid or solemn light, or even filled with insatiable want, e.g. Byron’s Manfred).

Nonetheless, this understood notion of individuality inspires the words that follow the quotation in my poem—my homage to Byron and the Romantics. I didn’t intend to write as much as I did there, but sometimes words write themselves—so perhaps I’ll revisit this short piece once again in the future once my Muse returns.

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